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Painted Stripes are a beautiful way to get the look of a rich and luxurious wallpaper.  Stripes can be done in a myriad of ways from tone on tone, different color stripes side by side, and even different sizes.  This is a great way to add height to a room with a low ceiling as well.  A striping technique, with alternating flat and glossy stripes in the same color, can also add subtle dimension to a room.

Do It Yourself

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The process of Painting Stripes

Creating Stripes

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How to Paint Stripes once you tape - Video

Here is a tip to help from any paint bleeding through your tape:  After you lay the tape, go over the edges with the paint color under the tape.  That way, if it seeps through, it is the color its suppose to be underneath, and once it dries you have sealed the tape edges temporarily. You can also seal with a clear varnish or poly.  So, when you go to lay the different colors on top of the tape and in between, it can't seep under the edges.

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