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Old World Plaster

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Old World Plaster is one of my favorite plaster finishes.  It is done in three different steps.  First the plaster is troweled onto the walls.  There are several types of plaster.   Some are smooth and some have a sandy texture.  I like to use the smooth finish plaster.  The second step is spot sanding.  Then the walls are base coated with latex paint.  Any color can be used according to your taste.  I often use a lighter tone.  The last step is the glazing.  It is always a darker color.  I use a sponge and wash it into the texture of the plaster.  Then I wipe the wall off, so that only a little bit of the glaze settles in the recessed areas.  The glaze brings an antique look to the wall.  It gives the wall dimension and character, by highlighting the plaster texture.

Check out my video on how I do the Old World Plaster Finish:


To read more about how we do the Old World Plaster Finish, Click Here

Venetian Plaster

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Venetian Plaster is a tintable light weight plaster.  It can be done in any color from any color chart.  The process we use, is to trowel the plaster onto the wall in several layered coats.  When the plaster is completely dry, it is burnished with a soft sanding sponge.  This highlights and draws out the different shades of color.  It also gives the walls a glossy sheen.

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