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Strié comes from the French word meaning "stripe" or "streak". It is referred to as a negative glaze technique that creates a soft natural striped texture.. The glaze is generally rolled over the entire surface, and then removed with a tool, such as a brush. It can be done on its own, with the streaks directed either vertically or horizontally.  It is also very popular to overlap a horizontal and vertical Strié, creating the look of fabrics such as linen or denim. This is often referred to as a "Linen Weave" or "Burlap".  A few other names for this finish are Dragging, Weaving, and Combing.

Stippling is accomplished by casting a soft veil of color over your walls using a combination of short soft-bristled brushes. Color variation can be adjusted by the pressure applied and type of brush.

Here are few spaces we have done with the strie finish as well as the the stippling which was done on the bathroom cabinets.  Click on each picture to enlarge

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Stippling & Strie Brushes:









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