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      1. Setup

  • Rooms or areas to be painted are scheduled with the client
  • We are always on time and will call if we are more than 5 minutes late
  • Furniture should be moved into the center of the room or a least 5 feet from the walls to be painted (client responsibility)
  • Furniture is covered with drop cloths
  • Floors are covered with drop cloths

      2. Preparation

  • Holes and cracks in walls are filled
  • Gaps in trim are caulked
  • Washing is done where required

      3. Painting

  • Repaired areas are sanded and primed
  • Paint is applied with a brush or roller depending on the surface
  • Ceilings and walls are painted to proper coverage and finish color
  • We leave clean cut lines between trim, walls, and ceilings

      4. Clean-up

  • Furniture is moved back to original position
  • Floors and carpets are thoroughly vacuumed or swept
  • Garbage is removed
  • All left over paint is labeled and left with the client

      5. Inspection

  • Before we pack up our equipment and supplies, a walk through is done to inspect the walls
  • Final touch-ups are then done
  • We then have the client walk through the room to make sure that the room is up to the expectation.  We do not leave until the client is completely satisfied.

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Cliff & Dawn Papandrea-Khan

PO Box 575 - Mahopac, NY 10541

(845) 669-9093

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